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Perl excel updating

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It was a common assumption with new users of Write Excel that you could write data to a spreadsheet and then apply the formatting afterwards.

However, for design reasons related to performance and Excel's file format this wasn't easily implemented.

In order to test patches out before pushing them all the way into production, we have a repos are disabled by default.

One of the repos is used for a few packages that we fetch from epel, rpmforge and so on.

I don't think the problem is on the server side, because when I tried doing a search from another machine, it found the package.

Our internal systems are firewalled off from the internet, so they can only use our internal server.

First you'd like to put it in some private directory, try it, and install to the system only once you are sure it works well.

In this case too you "install" the module in a private directory, e.g.

With Excel:: Writer:: XLSX you can now add a format like the following: This will result in output like the following, full example here: Excel:: Writer:: XLSX has also been designed differently from Spreadsheet:: Write Excel to allow it to implement some features that previously weren't possible (or at least easy).

One of these is the separation of the data and the formatting.