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States Requiring the use of E-Verify (Descriptions of each state below) Find Businesses Already Using the E-Verify Database Questions and Answers about E-Verify FACT SHEET: E-Verify Alabama HB 56 (Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act) - Passed in 2011, HB 56 is regarded as many as the nation's toughest immigration enforcement law passed at the state level.

HB 56 requires all businesses, public and private, to begin using E-Verify by April 2012.

Specifically, refusing to refer to a transgender person by the pronoun "he" or "she"—or other terms we're about to get into—can be considered harassment.

So now anti-harassment enforcement may involve policing and The consequences are now playing out at the Gresham-Barlow School District in Gresham, Oregon.

the Wisconsin Legislature to repeal the Common Core education standards. Joe Leibham, one of four Republicans seeking the GOP nomination for an open seat in Congress, applauded the announcement two days later. Sondy Pope, D-Cross Plains, a Common Core supporter.

"Like Governor Walker, I believe education decisions should be made at the local and state level, not through federal mandates like Common Core," he said in a July 19, 2014 . She said Common Core "is not from the federal government," they "do not have their fingerprints on this thing at all." Here's what we learned at the time: Common Core came out of years of discussion between private nonprofit groups and state education departments.

Designed to impose minimal burdens on employers, the State of Illinois has appointed a seven-member board to oversee the selection of investments and administration. The law mandates employers must: Employees will be automatically enrolled at three percent of pay and can select from a menu of investment options.

This eliminates any fiduciary responsibility for employers. They can also adjust their contribution or opt out at any time.