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Kozinski dissented, disagreeing that there had been a formal error and stating: "If the en banc call is missed for whatever reason, the error can be corrected in a future case where the problem again manifests itself," "That this is a capital case does not change the calculus. Aqua in 1997, from left to right: Claus Norreen, Lene Grawford Nystrøm, René Dif and Søren Rasted Aqua was a Danish pop group, best-known for their 1997 breakthrough single Barbie Girl.

The case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev absorbed Americans as no death-penalty drama has in years.

Lesley Stahl: Let’s say, hypothetically, that President Trump decided to single you out, how would you handle it? Judge Alex Kozinski, one of the country’s most influential conservative federal judges, has some advice for the president.

Alex Kozinski: Well, so long as he spells my name right, it’s OK. Alex Kozinski: My advice would be to whoever is going after judges by name, whether it’s the president or anybody else, I think it’s a terrible idea. Lesley Stahl: Is there an etiquette that this isn’t done? He feels the same way about politics, calling on his fellow federal judges to take President Trump’s criticisms in stride.

Kozinski was born 1950 in Bucharest, Romania but his parents, both Holocaust survivors, brought him to United States in 1962 when he was 12. from UCLA School of Law in 1975; he went on to clerk for then-Ninth Circuit Judge Anthony Kennedy and Chief Justice Warren Burger. Defending the court against criticism because of a controversial decision, Kozinski went on record emphasizing the independence of the judges: "It seems to me that this is what makes this country truly great -- that we can have a judiciary where the person who appoints you doesn't own you." [2].

is an abbreviation for the Latin Juris Doctor, also called a Doctor of Law or Doctorate of Jurisprudence, and is the law degree typically awarded by an accredited U. law school after successfully completing three years...

Four days before the scheduled execution, the Ninth voted 7 to 4 to give Thompson a new trial on the grounds of procedural misunderstandings.

President Trump’s attempts to impose a ban on travelers from half a dozen Muslim-majority nations have been stymied by federal judges -- highlighting the power of the courts to act as a lever against executive power.

Tonight, we talk with a prominent and controversial judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Alex Kozinski, a conservative appointed by President Reagan.