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You don't need a credit card when you use our free dating site, our site is 100% free!The idea of dating or marrying younger men is not novel to our modern society. Originally, it started as a tradition in which the wives of elder male siblings who died either childless or the widows, who chose to remain with their late husbands’ families and too young to remain single, were handed over to younger men in the families. This is even being practiced in royal families, an arrangement by which succeeding traditional ruler takes over the wives of his predecessor.*/ div.yop-poll-answers-1167_yp59a1e3525bf49 ul li.yop-poll-li-answer-1167_yp59a1e3525bf49 label /* Actual text label of the answer */ div.yop-poll-answers-1167_yp59a1e3525bf49 ul li.yop-poll-li-answer-1167_yp59a1e3525bf49 label:nth-of-type(2) /* Custom answer / Other ..................................Hi, I'm victor by name, I'm not here to seek for rice or poor lady,but I'm here to seek for she that has love,care,tolerance,trust,vision,and above all respect,not just for me ,but both to God and humanity,if you believe that as a lady,you got those above features,and you believe that i and you can date or further more lead 2 marriage,you can take a step be calling me with( 2347033235192),,,,but i must have to warn any lady that will call me,,, I'm not a rice guy, I'm just a poor guy from nigeria, EMAIL - [email protected] name is Carla Adams.

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Similarly, the story of Naomi and her daughters in-law was another case in point.

Though the West had since jettisoned the inheritance practice, yet, it is a phenomenon in family inheritance sharing as widows are often given out to younger men for proper ‘care’ as part of responsibilities fate has bestowed on n them.

They are also made to understand that it is confirmation of their becoming ‘able men and potential family heads’ they are destined to be.

You have to understand I grew up in a time where it wasn’t cool to be African.

I would say in my 19/20s for anyone to say So you know for me, although when I was at home I was very proud to be from that African heritage and background, with all the parties and traditional practices that we indulged in which was beautiful, when we were outside, I probably wasn’t in the biggest hurry to speak so openly brazenly about where I was from originally.