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Heck, even couples who promise themselves that they’ll never use sappy pet names usually use them eventually anyway!

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Household rules let everyone in the family know how to behave.

They help family members achieve a balance between getting what they want and respecting the needs of others.

“Parenting is basically an obstacle course for your sanity,” says one perfectly astute post.

Follow this account for a never-ending and wildly entertaining source of #wisdom for how to survive daily traumas such as Play Doh ingestion.

In this list, we’ve pooled the coolest Hollywood dads, the ultimate in home-DIY porn, the everydad heroes among us, and, yes, the accounts that make us all laugh (including @fashiondads_ and @miserable_men).

Here are the 50 accounts that every guy with his own offspring will be double-tapping instantly.

Pre-teens and teenagers get a lot of good out of being involved in making rules, because it gives them the chance to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Choose the most important things to make rules about – for example, a rule about not physically hurting each other would be a must for most families.

Since the access arrangement is apparently between yourselves, then the negotiations are whatever you work out between the two of you, really.

They can also help children and teenagers feel safe and secure.

Family rules are positive statements about how your family wants to look after and treat its members.

I have been separated since January, and was paying maintenance over and above the CMS calculation through their website.

As I work away during the week I was initially allowed access every weekend.